When is the town office open?

Monday,  Tuesday  Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Wednesday & Thursday 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Where do I go to vote?

All elections are held at the Community Center. 

Where do I apply for a dog license?

Dog licenses are handled by the Town Clerk's Office. 

All dogs six months or older must be licensed by January 31st of each year.                                                            

A late fee of $25 will be charged for licenses issued after January 31st.
Proof of rabies vaccination and neuter/spay (if applicable) are required.                                                                 New tags will be available October 15th for the new year.

What is the current tax rate and when are taxes due?

The real estate tax rate for 2018 is 18.75 mils, or $18.75 per every $1000 of valuation.

2018 Real Estate taxes were due September 28, 2018.  Interest began on September 29th. 

What do I need to bring in to register my vehicle?
To re-register a vehicle: registration, a current insurance card, current mileage.

For a vehicle being registered for the first time:
Dealer Sales: Title application (blue copy), dealers certificate (green copy), current insurance card, current mileage.
Casual Sale:  Title (if 1994 or newer), Bill of sale, current insurance card, current mileage.

What is recyclable?

Please keep recyclables dry



* Stack in boxes or paper bags        

* Don’t get wet

* Include inserts (colored & glossy)

* Recycle magazines, catalogs, phonebooks, etc.



* Rinse clean

* No need to remove labels

* Flatten if possible



* Corrugated

* No “Taiwanese” boxes

* Keep dry

* Cereal, pizza, or beer boxes

* Please Flatten!


*American corrugated is darker in color and hard to tear. “Taiwanese” corrugated is light (more yellow-gray) and tears easily.  It has already been recycled and can’t be used again.



* #1 - #7 

* No plastic bags or Styrofoam 

  1. *Include milk/water jugs and laundry/dishwashing bottles

  1. *When is trash picked up?

The Town of Palmyra has a curbside trash pick up program.  Trash is picked on every Thursday. Please have trash out by 6 a.m.

Where do I take my large, bulky items for disposal?

The Town of Palmyra has a White Goods day four times a year at the town garage.  Residents may dispose of appliances, furniture, and other bulky items at this time.




APRIL 27                                   AUGUST 31

JUNE 29                                    OCTOBER 26

Items to take to White Goods:

  1. metals

  2. TV's

  3. computers

  4. fluorescent bulbs

  5. toilets

  6. sinks

  7. rugs

  8. plastic toys

  9. mattresses

  10. lattice

  11. tire rims

  12. aluminum doors

  13. windows with metal trim

  14. furniture

  15. appliances

  16. hot water tanks


Do not take:

  1. recyclable material

  2. demolition debris

  3. bricks, cement, rocks, sand

  4. paint

  5. hazardous material

  6. household trash

  7. anything in trash bags

  8. propane tanks

Where do we get a marriage license and what do we need to bring with us?

In Maine, you get your license at any town office.  We have an "Intention of Marriage" form for you to fill out.  When you sign this document, you are attesting that all of the information is accurate.  There is no waiting period and no blood tests are required.  The fee is $40.00.  You will also need divorce papers (if divorced) or a death certificate (if widowed).

Who do I contact to get a fire permit?

Don Chute - Fire Chief - Pittsfield    416-8998

Dan Sprague - Raymond Road          938-2604
Ray Knowles- Oxbow Rd (Rt 100)   399-9947 or 399-9948


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)